The Flash: “Fast Enough”

TheFlashFinale_1600Hoooooooly shit, the Season 1 Finale of The Flash, “Fast Enough” was monumental and left us in a very interesting place in that it’s hard to know what will be happening in the coming season. Read More »


The Flash: “Who is Harrison Wells?”

Harrison_WellsSo, this episode was the second half of the crossover I was expecting to happen in Arrow based on the description I read but really, it was just another small crossover involving Captain Lance and Laurel helping Joe and Cisco out with their investigation of Harrison Wells(his care accident that had killed Tess happened in Starling City) and asking for an upgrade to Sarah’s sonic tech, respectively. He used some of Rathaway’s tech to help him make some really cool improvements that essentially turn Laurel into the Black Canary we know who has a sonic scream….at least I think, it looked like a collar. He called it the “Canary Cry.”Read More »