The Walking Dead: “Spend”

the-walking-dead-spend-father-gabrielFather Gabriel, goes through some existential crisis in this episode and kind of betrays the group big time when he approaches Deanna later in the episode and tells her that the group is evil. But, Maggie overheard him so, the betrayal will not be a surprise. It was comforting to see Deanna kind of look at Gabriel like he had lost it and basically shoo him out the door.Read More »

Nerds Gotta Eat: Mother Gothel’s Hazelnut Soup

image_5 (6)

Fangirls! We thought that in honor of fast approaching Mother’s Day, we would celebrate one of Disney’s mothers. Who isn’t really that great of a mother, nor not really a mother at all. But hey, we thought her soup sounded pretty good. And let me tell you; She may be lying, smothering & selfish, but she makes a damn good soup.

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The Walking Dead: “Claimed”

The-Walking-Dead-4x11So this episode was pretty quiet, but it was still quite enjoyable. There were a few walkers here and there, but people were the bigger threat in this one. Glenn and Tara are now travelling with Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita after they picked them up on the side of the road, Glenn is passed out at the beginning of the episode, but when he wakes up,m some head butting happens, but I will get to that.

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