Things have been beyond wild these past couple of weeks. We did Disneyland two weeks ago, last weekend we drove up to NY to get some of my furniture and stuff, and last night we got furniture in from Rob’s parents’ place. It’s a lot of good in a relatively short amount of time, which is both exciting and stressful.


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First Full Week

Alright Fangirls. Last week was too wild for a journal entry, so this week we’re doing two; one today, and one on Friday. I expect this week to be slightly less incredibly full than last week was, but honestly, who knows at this point.

Keep Beach City Weird

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Peel Off Passion Masque from Montagne Jeunesse

Numerous times, Fangirls, I’ve mentioned my love of peeling things off of my face.  I adore face masques specifically for this reason; I clean up my face and finish by peeling something off of it.  It’s rad as heck.  Awhile back, I told you about the Cucumber Peel-Off Masque by Montagne Jeunesse, and I enjoyed my experience so much that I wanted to try out a new one: the Passion Peel-Off.


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Why Star Wars is So Important

With the release of the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens there’s been a lot of excitement (understatement) about continuing the Star Wars franchise. Picking up where the original three movies left off, the new Star Wars introduced a whole new cast of characters to fall in love with and new story lines to unfold in front of our eyes. There’s a whole generation about to fall in love with Star Wars all over again, and as a lifelong Star Wars nut, it’s really exciting. However there are some out there, I’m sure you’ve seen them, who aren’t so excited for the new Star Wars movies. They’re on your social media pages talking about how they don’t care about Star Wars or have never seen the movies or find it weird that people can be so excited about it. Well this article is dedicated to those people. Sit on down children, I’m about to tell you why Star Wars is so important.


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