Rolling Project Pan: Update 4

Friends and Fangirls, we have progress! It’s not all perfect, but I finished a couple products since last time, so let’s get into it!

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Rolling Project Pan: 18 in 2018

Hey friends and Fangirls! I have beenĀ living to watch Project Pan videos on YouTube, and my recent obsession with them made me reconsider my collection. I have too much stuff, and a lot of it goes unused, and has for years, so Project Pan seemed like a really great way to push myself to get through some of these old products. Project Pan is a section of the YouTube and beauty community devoted to enjoying and using your collection. While they usually are specified to cosmetics, they are totally down with folks using panning to get through other products. Since I’m brand new to this, I’m probably going to ramble quite a bit today, but know that it’s because I’m excited!

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AcneDote from Alba Botanica

A couple months ago, Fangirls, I found out that Noxema has gelatin in it, and I immediately stopped using it. I don’t us gelatin because it’s gross and lame. So I was out of a face wash. For awhile, I was using my Ocean Scrub from Lush (which I love, and lasts forever) but with the move coming up, I wasn’t going to buy a whole new thing until I got down to Maryland. I was lucky enough to have a mother who felt bad about the gelatin in our Noxema, so she found me a new face scrub before I left.


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