I Dew Care, Hang Tight Mask

Y’all know I’m all about those masks. I love facial masks because they’re such a simple and fun way to treat yourself. It doesn’t take much for me; a mask before my shower can sometimes make my day. The day before I left my apartment I used the I Dew Care, Hang Tight mask. It was my first time using this mask, and my last day of work before vacation, so having something to start the day a bit more fresh was incredibly appealing. I washed my face with a hot cloth, slathered some mask on, and had my morning hot water.

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GlamGlow Gravity Mud

Alright Fangirls, it’s time for our 3rd sample review. This one comes from Sephora, so I had to use points to get it, but I thought it would be well worth it, since I’e never had a “real” (or at least not a super fancy) mud mask treatment before. So I said yes when the woman at the counter offered for me to redeem my points, and away I went!


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