Ronan Boyle and the Bridge Of Riddles by Thomas Lennon & Illustrated by John Hendrix

I bought this book because there was a giant advertisement with Thomas Lennon and his beautiful dog playing in target while I was in the book section. After taking a glance at it’s inside cover and realizing that it was a middle grade book written specifically for me, I figured I needed to buy it. Only on the way home did I realize that there was a review of it from Weird Al Yankovich on the back, which further solidified my feelings. 

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Nerds Gotta Eat: Poof’s Teething Biscuits

image_6 (8)

Fangirls! I decided to do a different sort of recipe this week for some of our smaller Fangirls. These teething biscuits are super easy, and definitely baby approved. They’re a magical, very useful treat for tiny ones that even fairies couldn’t dream up.

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