Good Girls

I was scrolling through Netflix and found this gem, and I honestly need all of you to watch it right now so we can have a discussion on it. 

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Lush’s Calacas Shower Gel

Before the start of 2018, I placed an order with Lush’s new Exclusives tab on their UK page. I only ordered 3 things (Calacas Shower Gel, the Calavera Bath Bomb, and So White Shower Gel) because I knew I was going to be making myself go through almost all of my stock before I bought more, but I was really intrigued by the Calacas scent (and love So White). I wasn’t sure how much I’d love it, but I know I’m a citrus fan, and figured why not.

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Hey Fangirls! I just wanted to drop in and apologize for an overall lac of posting. I’ve been struggling with a series of mental and physical health issues, and those 100% take precedence over writing. I’m working on prioritizing and time management, and finding a good number of weekly articles. I feel like the full 7 is far too many for me alone, so hopefully reducing the number and finding a good schedule will make writing easier and a better quality for all of you to read!

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Nerds Gotta Eat: Pi Pie

Hey Fangirls! What better way is there to celebrate 3.14, pi day, than with pie?! I’ve always been a big fan of pie; I love that it can be sweeter and lighter than cake. I also love pie crust, and I’m getting better at making it too! On Pi Day this week, my mum and I made a pie together; it was some seriously cute stuff. We decided on a mixed berry pie, as gooseberries are impossible to find (I have literally been trying for at least 2 years to bake a gooseberry pie so that I can feel the full Snow White experience, but so far, no luck).


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Jem and the Holograms Issue 8

Fangirls I have good news and bad news. Bad news is, our girl Kari who was working so hard on these wonderful recapathons has retired. She’s working hard at school and work, and needs more time to focus on that. But it’s great, because she is a hard worker, and can do anything she puts her mind to. But the good news, is that the Jem reviews aren’t going away! Starting right back up with issue 8, I’m ready to go.


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Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps Issue 3

Fangirls, this stuff is too good. Last issue, Helen took her ship out too soon, and it blew up. Luckily, Captain Marvel has the quickest response time ever, and started this issue by saving her butt. She got in and grabbed Helen before she suffered too much more than a broken arm. But now, the entire base knows something’s up, and it’s unlikely that they’re going to let that slide.


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