The A.V. Club

portland-press-herald_3278451A few years ago, admit the height of my YouTube obsession (though I’m not certain I’ve ever come down), I discovered an amazing channel along with my brother that we totally fell in love with. It’s combines the wonder of live music with the fun of covers and the thrill of incredible musicians. Though it seemed like it might have been short lived, the show is alive & kicking more than ever in it’s now sixth season. Plus, they’ve got an incredible website offering even more goodies to boot. Read More »


Watch: Buzzfeed Video

photoA lot of people have a lot of varying opinions regarding Buzzfeed. However, I think for the most part, people are as into it as I am. I think they are the perfect media & entertainment source for young people today, and are just making killer content. Among that content, are some damn amazing videos that I can’t seem to take my eyes off of.

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Let’s Talk About: Experiences with High School Sex Education

It has seemed to me that good high school sex education is damn near impossible to come by. I’ve talked before about the lack of solid curriculum presented in the US, but I wanted to see if it really was as bad as it appears to be. So, I rallied some great people together and had them spill the beans about the ways of their high school health classes. Unfortunately, I was entirely correct in thinking there’s gaps when it comes to educating on sex & sexuality.

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Music: Wannabe Jalva


Fangirls, sometimes a band just grooves so hard. Wannabe Jalva is a Brazilian band that makes me wish that I found them much earlier in the summer. But, I’m happy to have heard them just as they released a killer new single, and have a an EP on the way that will no doubt be dazzling. This band has such a great flavor of fun rock & roll that makes me want to dance around like a fool.

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Connection 2014: The Natalie Experience

Yep, I stole Kyle’s title a little bit. Oops. Fangirls, Connecticon is so great. I had so much fun, met so many awesome people, and already can’t wait for next year. It was great to see old faces & familiar vendors & events, and get involved with a great handful of new people & things as well. Connecticon 2013 was my first con, and it was great to have 2014’s Connecticon still bring along some new experiences too.

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