The Walking Dead: “The Grove”

???????????So, I’m warning you now, this is a sad one. This was a surprisingly full episode full of an equally surprising amount of loss!! The episode follows Carol, Tyrese, Lizzie, Mika, and Judith as they happen upon a small pecan farm.

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The Walking Dead: “Still”

682811This episode exclusively followed Beth and Daryl and we got yet another focused look at a character we didn’t know a whole lot about. Sure, we know both of them on the surface, how they react, and that Daryl is a badass hunter/tracker/walker killer, but we don’t know what they were like before the apocalypse, what their desires are, anything.

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Supernatural: “Bad Boys”

maxresdefaultIt’s another look into Dean Winchester’s past this week!

In “Bad Boys,” we traveled back into Winchester history to a two-month period where a 16 year old Dean found himself living in a home for troubled boys run by a man named Sonny after being caught stealing bread and peanut butter from a local market. He had to steal food because he had lost the food money John left them in a card game. Sam got sent to live with Bobby and John left Dean at the boys home as punishment. Read More »