Harley Quinn Issue 7

Hey Fangirls! Last time we left off with Harley, she had just finished her missions with SyBorg and found Ivy in her apartment. Ivy said she had pinpointed the person who put the hit on Harley, and this one picks up right there.


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Coffin Hill Issue 7: The Sole Unquiet Thing

Hey Fangirls! I know issue 9 of Coffin Hill came out this past week, but work hasn’t believed in time off (except for ConnectiCon), so I’m behind. I’ve missed two Wednesdays of comics in a row, and I am not a happy camper. So this week, The Sole Unquiet Thing is the issue.


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High Fructose Zombies: Interview with David Phillips & Sarah Braly

Hey Fangirls!  A couple weeks back I was lucky enough to go to Special Edition: NYC and meet some absolutely lovely independent creators.  I think independent creators are some of the most amazing and inspiring people on the planet.  They make what they love, and to me, that’s beautiful.  Two of the individuals I met at SE:NYC were David Phillips and Sarah Braly.  Let me tell you, Fangirls, these folks really know how to catch an eye.  In a sea of grey and blue tables, their’s was neon green.  It was littered in lovely yet despicable cupcakes, and had some really intriguing comics on top.  So when my friends were looking for back issues that I wasn’t concerned with, I sneaked off to the High Fructose Zombies table.


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She-Hulk Issue 4

Hey Fangirls! This week I’ll be covering She-Hulk as I’ve got too much time on my hands, and haven’t gotten a chance to tell you how much I’m enjoying this series! When Natalie last left off, Jennifer Walters had just won a case to keep the son of Doctor Doom safe in asylum here, in the USA. Problem was, Daddy Doom wasn’t a fan of that & dragged Kristoff out, assumably back to Latveria. Since she won, you’d think she’d stop worrying about the case, right?


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