A-Force #7

So, things aren’t looking great for our wonderful team as we enter issue 7 of A-Force. Two are under mind control and the rest are drowning. Please let this all end happily.

a-force 31

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A-Force #6

Welcome back to another episode of Amanda-catches-up-on-comics. It’s been a lengthy one today – I fell really behind. But I’m finally having time to catch up so here we go with A-Force #6.

a-force 29

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OB Tampons

Fangirls, we’re going to get very personal today, because today we’re talking about tampons.  Awhile back, on twitter, Erika Moen worked with some other tweeps to use the #PeriodSex.  On it, users were supposed to talk about their experiences having sex while on their period, but I saw it as a place to learn about what people thought of period cups and the like.  Eventually, I was recommended OB Tampons.


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Spiderwoman #7

Spider-Woman_Vol_5_7_TextlessSince Rocket Girl likes to be stubborn, Spiderwoman is taking a stand. Rocket Girl is not yet on a regular schedule from it’s recent return, so we’ll be chatting about that series on Mondays in a few weeks. Spiderwoman shall now deliver us her badassery on Fridays. That’s a good thing, because I didn’t want to wait any longer to talk about this issue. Read More »