April Wrap Up & May TBR

Hello again, readers! I was pretty dang busy reading this month, and made sure that I got plenty of reading done! Let’s jump right into what I read this past month!

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American Gods Episode 8

Do you know the one thing that makes me sad about TV shows? The waiting between seasons. I am now waiting on every show I watch. Most recently, American Gods aired its season finale. Thankfully we were blessed by Media to receive a second season during the airing of the second episode. And this finale is leading up to a big old battle.

american gods tv 1

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TV Review: Hannibal

WARNING: This show is extremely gory. Extremely. I won’t talk about that aspect of the show beyond this warning, but just be sure to know that it is incredibly gory and dark.

That being said, it is also one of the most beautiful, and sadly most underrated, shows that just ended. It lived for three seasons, 10 episodes each, and they were all so well done that the cancellation of the show comes as a strong disappointment to each and every fan.

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Elektra #11

STK662494This series is full of twists and turns, Fangirls. But by far the biggest surprise of Elektra, is that it just ended. Maybe that surprise is more on my part because I wasn’t paying attention to any sort of comic news update in which I could have been informed, but I didn’t hear any buzz in the comic shop or anything. I found out this comic was over when I just read this issue, with a note from it’s creators. I’m upset that it’s over, but mainly I’m just pissed with how they ended it.

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