Star Wars: The Last Jedi

There’s been a lot said about the newest chapter in the Star Wars franchise, both good and not so good. I have seen it twice now, and both times my emotions were high. I loved it, and I have a few spoiler filled thoughts I want to share with you.

star wars


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Nerds Gotta Drink: Blue Milk Shots

Hey Fangirls, do you know what this weekend is? It’s May the Fourth be with you. So, along with many other Star Wars fans, I will be attending a May the Fourth party. I was given the charge of deciding drinks for the party. Now the smart thing to do would be to just google drinks from Star Wars and make some of those, but I thought, nah, I can’t be too easy on myself. Since I’m a bit stressed (end of the semester and all) I figured I would level with myself; I made one drink and I’ll look up others.


No droids allowed past this point.

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