Fangirls, I need to take a break. Things are difficult and frustrating and my anxiety is disgustingly high. I have a lot of trouble managing stress and depression, and everything is so overwhelming right now. After tomorrow (Saturday July 16th), I will be taking a week-long break to concentrate on preparing things for moving and life. I’m trying to juggle too much right now, and though a week definitely isn’t enough, it’s as much of a break I can really take without falling too far behind in everything. I feel incredibly guilty about taking just the week, but I need to make myself safe and as comfortable as possible. I’m hoping things will be easier for me. I appreciate you’re understanding, and hope that you’ll continue to support Fangirls Are We. I will be back on July 24th.


On Moving

Though I want almost nothing to do wth the area I live in, moving out is so terrifying that I’ve yet to do it. Last August, when I was promoted, I had another DS sit me down, and talk to me about how long I wanted to be in the company. She suggested one year, as that’s enough time for a management position to be put on my résumé and have it taken seriously. We went through and budgeted out what I would need if an apartment cost X, with Y and Z as necessities that I would get. Making a budget was calming, but as we get ever closer to August, it weighs heavier on my mind that not only do I not have a place picked out, but that there’s no way for me to move.


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Appdicted: Circle

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Fangirls, have you ever had one of those games where you find that you keep asking yourself, “Why am I still playing this?” Circle is the definition of “one of those games”. It’s truly captured what it means to be an addicting app, because despite how frustrating it is, you find yourself playing round after round, trying to best yourself. Some where in your brain, you think that you can definitely do better. Circle gets you knowing the “Retry” button all to well.

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