Music: Bleached

bleachedFangirls, I am into this. Discovering Bleached is perfect timing with spring finally arriving. While welcoming back things like skateboarding, bike rides, and rowdy drives, I now have the perfect band to accompany those activities. I’m not sorry for sharing another kick ass lady punk powerhouse band, Bleached is a perfect example of the booming bouncy noise pop scene.

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Music: Beverly

img-beverly-1_113539142697I was hooked on this band about 7 seconds into the first song I heard of theirs. Something about the chord progression made me tingle. The rest of the song would too, totally blowing me away with dreamy vocals & perfectly fuzzy guitar tones. Beverly has whipped a whole lot of ideal qualities together, and I feel like a kid in a candy store when I turn their record on.

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Fortress Friday

Good evening, Fangirls!
Today we’re moving to another part of my home that means a lot to me, my garage. When I was a lot younger, my father built a room above our garage that was meant to be used as a workshop for him. But, it ended up turning into a music space for my brothers & I and a place for us to hang out with friends. Over time, this place has become pretty awesome & important to me. Yay!

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