Let’s Talk About: Going to the Gynecologist

gynoIt’s certainly not everyone’s favorite topic or time of year, but it is a very important one. When it comes to writing these sexy articles, I like to think that I understand what I’m writing about pretty well, and that I’m sharing what I know & believe with you. It’s important for me to be “walking the talk” with the things I discuss. However, when it comes to the OB/GYN, I’m a big ol’ hypocrite. However, I’m not ashamed to admit that. When it comes to sex, we all have things that we’re uncomfortable or nervous about, and that doesn’t exclude me. So, together, we’re going to research and walk through all of the going to the gyno know-how, and all feel a bit better about it. Read More »


Let’s Talk About: Gay Sex Myths & Misconceptions

2000px-Gay_flag.svgOn a day like today, we have to get into some gay stuff. Surely, the sex lives of all the gay people who can now marry isn’t really any of our business, but I figured now is a good time to clear up some questions that people seem to ask me all the time. I’m not sure why people feel it’s alright to ask such bold questions about the details of the gay sex life, but hey, awareness is key and I’m hear to shed some light on the inter workings of the queer bedroom. Read More »

On: Obergefell v. Hodges

US-COURT-RIGHTS-GAY MARRIAGEHistory is very, very close to being made, Fangirls. Hopefully. The Supreme Court is preparing to decide on nationwide marriage equality within the next few days, in a case titled Obergefell v. Hodges. It is a ginormous deal. But there is a lot more on the line with it, and a lot more than just a yes or a no. For many, it also runs much deeper than the ability to get married. Read More »

Batwoman #38

STK659730With only 3 issues left for me to review, things are starting to close here, Fangirls. Though, you really wouldn’t be able to tell from the comic itself. But I’ve gotten used to this series being misleading. Batwoman has a few issues left to wrap things up, and here they are practically beginning a whole new story. SighRead More »

Catwoman Issue 39

Fangirls, when I read this new crime-family-boss Catwoman, my mind goes back and forth between yaas Catwoman get it, and wait, what?  It’s a confusing life, and since reading about crime families is such foreign territory to me (the closest I’ve read similar to this is the Long Halloween trio of books; those kind of deal with Gotham’s crime families), and that isn’t much.  I definitely feel like I’m learning a lot about things I didn’t think Catwoman would teach me about, but I like learning from her (not that I see myself using any slight understanding of Gotham’s crime families to my advantage, ever).


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