Feminerd: Autostraddle

auto-straddle-logoFangirls, I think it’s time that this site talks about one my favorite sites. Though it is aimed toward ladies who like ladies, there is something for every woman to love about this website. They talk about everything under the sun, add in a kick of feminist perspective & concern, and a healthy dose of humor. The website is very real. It’s real women, just writing about every day stuff that going on, varying from politics to television to sex. It’s a feminerd gal’s dream.

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Movie: Beginners


Scrolling around Netflix can do the heart some good, Fangirls. I love choosing random movies or shoes to watch, things I’ve never heard of. I went to do this one day this past weekend, and accidentally ended up at a movie I had wanted to see, I just didn’t know what it was. I had heard about Beginners, though I hadn’t remembered the name, and after initially choosing the movie, was delighted that “Oh! This is that movie!” However, this was more than “that movie”, Fangirls. This was an incredibly directed and creative film that had me feeling all sorts of feelings.

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