Battling Boy Book One by Paul Pope

First up, can we just appreciate all that alliteration? Okay, thanks. Awhile back, the boy and I went to our friends Marty & Sam’s apartment. There, we had a lovely evening playing Cards Against Humanity and hanging out. Since they know our roommates are leaving soon and we don’t have a ton of stuff, they graciously have us some helpful kitchen items (pie plates, aprons, etc) along with a slew of books. They gave us things that they were planning on donating, so they didn’t take much of a loss because of it. But we grabbed a ton of their stuff because “free books” is my favorite phrase, and I didn’t have my own pie plate. One of the books we got was Battling Boy, and it was the first of the comics from them that we received. I blindly reached into the trunk one night for a book to read, and out it came.


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American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I’m not sure if you know this Fangirls, but I love mythology. A lot. It’s my favorite subject of all time. I also have discovered a love for Neil Gaiman and his genius writing. I’m not joking, he is a genius. But more on that later. I just finished his novel American Gods, and let me tell you it’s one of the most fun books I’ve read


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Espionage Cosmetics: Laura + Luci Nail Wraps

Fangirls, I love comics. I love reading about them, wearing them, supporting them,seeing them in movie form; any way I can take them in, I like to. Since I have a full time job with a strict dress code and don’t do much on my time off, ripping nerd clothes doesn’t happen as much as I’d like. But recently I found out about Espionage Cosmetics, a cosmetic company focused on all things nerdy. One of their specialties is nail wraps, so I became incredibly excited when I found their Laura + Luci and Baal + Inanna nail wrap sets. I started off by ordering just the Laura + Luci set, because they’re my girls, and it had been awhile since I read the comics, so they stood out to me more (plus the pink/purple/blue suits my wardrobe more).


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Nerds Gotta Eat: Fancy Grilled Cheese

Fangirls, this recipe is from the same book as my Waffles, but when I saw it, I immediately thought, wow, that’s the fanciest grilled cheese I’ve ever seen. I’m gunna make it, and so I did! it looks like some Grade A artisanal nonsense, but it is the most delicious grilled cheese I have ever made, and well worth the weird looks for combining ingredients that don’t look like they belong together.


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