How to Ruin Everything: Essays by George Watsky

Fangirls, I love Watsky. I love his rap, his music, and his poetry. I think he speaks wonderfully and I’ve been to two of his concerts; one of which I cried after and the other I cried during.


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Feminerd: Taylor Swift

For a very long time I wasn’t into Taylor Swift’s music, but I’ve really fallen in love with 1989.  The other day I was waiting for class and asked one of my friends if she had listened to it, and she gave me a disgusted look and exclaimed, “NO! She’s dated more people than ebola has killed in the US!”


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TED Talks


Hey there, Fangirls! I’ve wanted to put a spotlight on TED Talks for a long time, and I’m so happy to finally be doing so. I’ve loved sitting and watching video after video of these lectures since high school. They just deserve so much appreciation. There are so many videos about so many different things but all of them have something to teach us, a new perspective to show you, so much to share. Pretty much, TED Talks are the best thing ever.

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What happened yesterday?

So Fangirls, I’d like to apologize for yesterday. Being extremely thick at times, I forgot to let you know that looron has been super stressing about school (she’s graduating soon) and she is even out of state – without a computer. I don’t know how she can leave a computer, but that’s just me.

So, being a big poop, I was too busy reading comics to let you know that she was busy and to fill in for her. Walking Dead and Whovians Wednesdays will be back next week, with a vengeance, and for now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Tomorrow you can expect NatalieCaileen’s review of the fucking awesome Watsky show we saw this past Saturday, and the usual Fortress Friday. There may even be some coverage from the sweet video game tournament I’m a part of that’s happening tonight.

Again, I’m super sorry for my mind lapse, I hope you’ll forgive me Fangirls.