Giant Days Year One

Alright Fangirls. Remember how a couple weeks ago I wrote about how I lost my mind over reading Giant Days? Well turns out the author, John Allison, wrote an earlier series, Giant Days Year One, and the comic that I read was the follow up to that. So when I saw Year One on Comixology (before i realized it came first), I was all, oh jeez I didn’t know they made a second part of the series. Obviously, I was wrong. But I’m incredibly glad that I was, because wow.


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Giant Days Issues 1-12

Fangirls, I first picked up giant days when it originally came out January 2015, read a couple issues, then didn’t pay it much attention. It’s a Boom! Box book, originally only going to be 6 issues long, but extended it after issue 3. It’s a wonderful comic, about three roomies in college, trying to function and figure things out.


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