The Walking Dead: “Spend”

the-walking-dead-spend-father-gabrielFather Gabriel, goes through some existential crisis in this episode and kind of betrays the group big time when he approaches Deanna later in the episode and tells her that the group is evil. But, Maggie overheard him so, the betrayal will not be a surprise. It was comforting to see Deanna kind of look at Gabriel like he had lost it and basically shoo him out the door.Read More »

The Walking Dead: “The Distance”

Can we take a second to appreciate the majesty of Rick's beard?
Can we take a second to appreciate the majesty of Rick’s beard?

*Go the Distance plays in the background*

Seriously though, this episode really gives you a feel for who Aaron might be as the group struggles to trust him and Rick and Michonne have a rare moment of not entirely agreeing.Read More »

The Walking Dead: “Alone”

maxresdefaultThis episode title refers to a few things. It refers to Bob, whom we saw travel alone for some time before Daryl and Glenn found him wandering the road and offered a spot at the prison after he answered the 3 questions to their satisfaction. It also refers to Maggie, whom at one point goes off alone to try and get to Terminus and find Glenn. Lastly, it refers to Daryl, whom at the end of this episode is left alone before getting picked up by a band of sketchy survivors.

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The Walking Dead: Double Tap Recap

So, firstly I’d like to apologize for dropping the ball on recapping last week, especially since the episode was so intense. Real life hit hard last Monday when I had to register for classes for the Spring Semester on top of a pile of homework and classes all day. HershelKillAnyway, like I said, last week’s episode was so crazy! You know how there is usually 1 big event that stands out for the whole episode? There was 3.Read More »

The Walking Dead: “Infected”

So, any unforeseen circumstances aside, it seems that Mondays will now be our regular days for The Walking Dead episode recaps!

Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCSo this episode opens with a mysterious person at the fence with a flashlight and a rat. They are feeding the walkers! This explains entirely why the walkers are gathering in one spot on the fence more than others, and this person is going to have some serious explaining to do when they are eventually found out.

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