So I Started Game of Thrones…

got21 (1)I just started the much raved over HBO series, Game of Thrones and I have to say, I have no regrets. It appeals to me in the sense that it has a good story and leaves episodes on cliffhangers; enough to call you back. It also appeals to the Id in the sense that there is plenty of sex and violence to wet every viewers appetite. The girl who is the President of the Psychology Club even told me that she has no idea why she loves it because all it is is boobs and killing.Read More »

Elektra #5


This comic is just so delicious, Fangirls. The illustration, the writing & character development, and the lovely dynamics of the two. I could read these all damn day. Unfortunately, the only issue I have with this comic is that theirs only five issues thus far. Each one, though, is more enjoyable & intense as the last. I’m like a little giddy child when I pick up this comic, but, it’s story it’s so much for the innocent minded. This comic is intense, gorey, and twisted. And I love every panel of it.

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