Batgirl Issue 47

Fangirls I’ve been behind on Just about everything recently, but I’m working to turn that around. It’s definitely tough to get back on track, but I’m getting there. Issue 47 of Batgirl is a bit of a doozy, so let’s hop right to it.


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Harley Quinn Issue 25

Fangirls, I’ve been putting this issue off. I’ve been worried about Harley going anywhere near the Joker, and I knew that would be a big part of this issue (he was in the last issue and he’s on the cover of this one). I didn’t even feel up to the challenge today, but I finally got off my bum and read it. And it was far more satisfying than I expected.


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Catwoman 44

Fangirls, this businenessy Catwoman is still throwing me off. I love that she’s in control and kicking ass, but it’s still bizarre to me that she runs a crime syndicate, and barely steals stuff anymore. But in the last issue, Eiko Hassigawa let Sionis think that she was the Catwoman he wanted, and got shot. Now both Catwomen need to talk, and they’ve got a big, green mediator.


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Batgirl Issue 40

Fangirls, as soon as I saw the cover of Batgirl 40, I knew my predictions had come true. I had a feeling that Barbara Gordon’s algorithm had become corrupted and started blabbing her secrets to everyone; contacting her boyfriend and telling him things, getting the world against Barbara. But I didn’t realize how far back it went.

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