Tinker Bell Comics

know it’s a bit silly, but the first thing I picked up when I finally got a library card, was a couple of the Tinker Bell comic books from Disney. I grabbed four of these comics from the library; Tinker Bell and the Flying Monster, Tinker Bell and Blaze, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, and Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy. They were all a lot of fun, definitely children’s comics, and just a genuinely good read.

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Graphic Novels and Kids

So I work as a tutor and in a toy store, and I take a class about children’s literature. I also consider myself to be pretty well versed on children’s literature because although my reading level is high, children’s books are far more fun than many books intended for adults. It’s a shame, because children should want to read, and taking the fun out of stories is one of the reasons young adults start to dislike reading.

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Graphic Novels vs Comic Books – which is which?

For quite some time I’ve been wondering the difference between comic books and graphic novels. I thought “graphic novel” was just the way of not offending people. I figured that “comic book” may have a poor connotation, one suggesting a childish nature to the books, so saying “graphic novel” made it feel like more of an adult thing.

I was wrong. I asked a couple people what they saw the difference was. I asked the head of the English department at a local college, a fellow fangirl and graphic novel/comic reader, and the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks. Thank goodness they knew what they were talking about.

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