Music: Lucius @ the Hollow


Last night, I saw the best show I’ve ever seen. After being completely enthralled with their debut album, after losing my mind when I heard they were coming to Albany, it was impossible to not have high expectations for seeing Lucius live. But they exceeded them a hundred times over. This show was fucking mind blowing.
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Appdicted: Clue

image_6 (5)

Keeping track of your body and health is pretty darn important, Fangirls. Luckily, for those of us who find it hard to do so or are just a little flaky, there’s the wonder of technology. Clue is an amazing app that I’ve just discovered, that helps you track your period, it’s symptoms, and your fertility and ovulation. It’s useful, well designed, and a brilliant tool for those who deal with the lovely menstrual cycle. Read More »

Music: Road Trip Playlist

Fangirls, I love, love, love driving. So of course, I adore road trips. I enjoy traveling a great deal, and I think there’s no better way to do it than by car. And, there’s no better way to road trip than with an arsenal of good tunes. To me, it’s essential. Road trip playlists are my favorite kind to make and listen to. You can pack them full of great jams, your favorite songs, and passionate sing a longs. For me, making them is almost just as fun as listening to them on the road.

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Place: Flying Saucer Pizza Company

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Fangirls! A few weeks back when Emily & I were in the Boston area for Boston Comic Con, we made the best decision ever. We decided to take the advice of my best friend who lives in the area to check out a pizza shop close by in Salem. Holy cow. Not only was the pizza at Flying Saucer incredible, the establishment itself was one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. If you’re looking for a great meal with a nerdtastic atmosphere where you don’t have to pay out the nose, the Flying Saucer is your dream destination.

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Appdicted: Yo!

Fangirls! A few months ago, I heard about an app that couldn’t have seemed stupider. After downloading it, though it’s still quite silly, it’s actually become an app I use daily. A few friends & I downloaded the app to check it out and have a good laugh. However, we all ended up having a lot of fun with it, and it proved itself to be pretty useful. Yo! has arrived to make you giggle, simplify things, and most importantly, say yo.

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She Hulk #5


Fangirls! I’ve happily returned to my coverage of the wonder full She Hulk Marvel Now series. Though, I’m very glad that Emily got the chance to express the love she’s got for this series. Because there’s a whole lot of love, Fangirls. We’re really enjoying this series, and it just keeps getting better & better. Where Emily left off, Jennifer Walters had discovered a blue file case in which she was listed as a defendant, but, she had no recollection of the case. Curious, curious stuff.

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