Calavera Bath Bomb from Lush

Fangirls, I found a new favorite bath bomb, and it’s one I’ll never be able to use again. Calaveras was a part of the holiday exclusives released in the UK, and it was a part of my final order from the company before going on my no buy.

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American Gods Episode 8

Do you know the one thing that makes me sad about TV shows? The waiting between seasons. I am now waiting on every show I watch. Most recently, American Gods aired its season finale. Thankfully we were blessed by Media to receive a second season during the airing of the second episode. And this finale is leading up to a big old battle.

american gods tv 1

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The Villains Throne: The Grinch

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Christmas tree is up, the menorah is lit and the bells are ring ting tingling too! It is lovely weather to discuss another villain! Keeping in pace with the holiday season I decided to choose a villain that is filled with the holiday spirit. Well, at least in the end he is. It’s time to visit the top of Mt. Krumpet and stop in on our friend, the Grinch!


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Looking For Alaska By John Green

Fanigrls, I have a bizarre relationship with John Green novels.  Part of me is constantly rolling my eyes at the plot similarities, and the other part of me is always hella pumped about reading his books.  He tends to favor kick ass ladies with a simple flaw, and the boys that fall in love with them.  I do adore the way the boys usually are shot down by aforementioned kick ass ladies, but he definitely has an obvious plot to many of his novels.  That being said, I expected Looking For Alaska to pull on my heartstrings.  In that way, I was not disappointed.

There are spoilers coming up.  If you haven’t read Looking For Alaska, I highly suggest you do so.  But again, spoilers coming up.

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LUSH Haul Video

The other day, Ashley, Natalie, Remy, and I all took our first trip into a LUSH store.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve gotten quite attached to the company; they make products in awesome ways without harming animals at all, and it’s all just so damn great.  Sadly, my area didn’t have a LUSH shop until about a month ago.  It’s an hour from where I live, but was well worth the drive for the lovely items I got.

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