BroadwayCon 2016

Fangirls, I had the incredible opporunity to go to the first ever BroadwayCon. It’s a convention for all things Broadway, on and off the stage. It was everything a Broadway fan could dream of, and of course it took place in New York City. It was one of the best weekends ever.


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Warm Wishes Nail Lacquer Collection from Ulta Beauty

Though my hands aren’t the first thing you see when you meet me, I always try to make a good impression with them. That has led me to having a passionate love for nail polish. Much like lipstick, nail polish is something I need to not buy anymore, because I have so much of it. I think it’s a small thing that I can control in my daily life, and I need that little bit of control, the way my anxiety is.


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This Just Out with Liz Feldman

ThisJustOutLogoFangirls, let me tell you all about a little show that has come to mean a lot to me. You won’t find it on any prime time slot, on any fancy network, or any television for that matter. This Just Out with Liz Feldman is a web show that came to be a huge source of knowledge & entertainment for little 14-year-old me. Now, it’s back at it to entertain the 21-year-old me. I’m welcoming This Just Out back with wide open arms.

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Let’s Talk About: Sex Criminals #6


It’s back, Fangirls. It’s back. A few months back, Sex Criminals for one issue, sort of ending the first chapter of the series. Issue six starts to begin a new part of our story, with a new sort of focus. Past issues have always focused more on Suzie and things from her perspective, but this issue switches things around to John’s side of things. The cover had worried me, and just as I had guessed, John’s got some stuff going on.

Spoilers! Spoilers! I’m spilling the beans, Fangirls, beware!

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Cosplay Make-up Tips

1000113_10153040714975722_1878456899_nFor the past 2 years I have done my Marshall Lee cosplay and I have learned a few things you should probably keep in mind; particularly on the subject of makeup. Even just a simple grey makeup gets pricy, and consumes at least an hour of your time in preparation, base coating, highlighting and shading, and sealing. This is not to say that the end product isn’t worth the effort though!

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