Feminerd: Taylor Swift

CEZv3YaUMAAQMSGI used to be pretty indifferent to Taylor Swift, like a lot of the world. But with the release of her newest album and the reinventing of herself as a badass feminist icon, I’m on board. You may scoff at the idea of me calling Taylor Swift a feminist, but I will scoff at you. You don’t even need to take a closer look to see how she’s owning feminism, it’s right in plain sight. Read More »

Slaycation Playlist

slayOh yes, you read that right, Fangirls. Your girl is going on a real vacation in a few weeks, and some prep is much needed. By prep, I mean the perfect playlist of course. Where I’m headed to is nearly five hours away, and one of my favorite things to do for road trips is create a set of tunes that will play for the entire ride, as close to the minute as I can get. So, after taking a good chunk of time to make this, I present to you: The Slaycation Playlist.

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Music: Road Trip Playlist

Fangirls, I love, love, love driving. So of course, I adore road trips. I enjoy traveling a great deal, and I think there’s no better way to do it than by car. And, there’s no better way to road trip than with an arsenal of good tunes. To me, it’s essential. Road trip playlists are my favorite kind to make and listen to. You can pack them full of great jams, your favorite songs, and passionate sing a longs. For me, making them is almost just as fun as listening to them on the road.

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Music: Gal Power Playlist

Sometimes, Fangirls, you just want, and need, to hear some ladies busting out the jams. For those days, which let’s be honest is most days, I’ve put together some excellent songs by women who rock. Now, these songs are necessarily all songs about empowering women, but songs by women who rock so hard you’ll feel empowered. Shredding guitar, killer beats, all made by the hands of talented chicks.

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Spring Playlist

Fangirls, I am so sick of winter. It’s dragging on extra long here in upstate New York, and it’s got me feeling quite down. Weather men have promised me more spring like weather by next week, but I’m thinking I need to help it along it’s way with some good tunes. Spring is one of my favorite seasons to curate perfect playlist to, and I’ve luckily just discovered a whole slew of new music to load it up with.

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Music Review: Haim


Fangirls, this article is not just a music review. This is a peek into my latest obsession. But, this is not something that will blow over & tuck into a valley after this peak. No, Haim is here to stay in my heart. My loving of this band was not instant, which I think is part of why I’m now such an intense fan. I grew to adore this band. Second chances are really fucking important, Fangirls.

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