Harley Quinn: Road Trip Special

Fangirls, I’ll always have a sweet spot in my heart for the Gotham City Sirens. I like the way they play off of each other, their goofiness, and how badass they are (both individually and together). So when I saw that there was a one-shot of their road trip, how could I refuse?!


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Harley Quinn Issue 20

Fangirls, our favorite flipped out fruitcake is back with issue 20! After her road trip with the other two sirens (an issue I can’t seem to get my paws on), she’s on her way to LA to go after the daughter of one of her coworkers at the nursing home. As she travels across the country, we learn that Harley is terrible at flying; she’s fidgety and grumpy.


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Harley Quinn 19

The other day, Fangirls, I sat down to read Harley Quinn, and started to have a feeling that I was reading the wrong one. I was looking at 20, and thinking to myself, this cover doesn’t make sense…shouldn’t she be going after the captain? When I looked up Harley’s covers, I realized that somewhere in my travels and vacations, I had picked up issue 20 before 19, and went into a panic. I wasn’t going to make it to a comic shop before today, and I didn’t know what to do. So I went onto DC Comic’s website, to see my options, and was reminded that digital comics exist! So I bought issue 19 on iTunes, and here we are!


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Harley Quinn & Powergirl Issues 1-3

Fangirls, I haven’t been to comic shop in about a month, which really stinks. But it also means that I don’t have the most recent Harley Quinn issue to review for you, so today it’s being substituted with Harley Quinn and Powergirl issues 1-3. I’m going to a shop at the end of the week for a Pre SPX party, so I’ll be able to pick up the current stuff then, but until then we’re sticking with HQ & PG.


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Harley Quinn 17

Harley Quinn is back with a vengeance, Fangirls!  Harley took a short break recently, but is now back on the shelves, and it seems like she’s having a slammin’ good time already.  In case you forgot, the last couple of issues were about Harley getting together a gang of Harleys.  Their goal is to fight crime the only way they know how, and to get paid for doing so.


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