Feminerd: #TheNew10

woman-on-10-dollar-bill-ftrIt’s finally happening, Fangirls. Just a few weeks ago, I talked about a campaign going on trying to get a woman to be put on the $20 dollar bill. Well, it’s not the $20, but the $10. Just this week, the Treasury announced some big ol’ news that we’ve all been waiting to hear for a long time. Read More »

Feminerd: #20BeautifulWomen

Over the past few weeks, my feeds have been flooded with even more selfies, inspirational quotes, and things of the like. However, it’s a lovely sort of timeline clogging. Its all the result of a pretty wonderful hashtag that is promoting self confidence, positive attitudes, and the unity of women. Read More »

Feminerd: The Importance of #YesAllWomen

Well, Fangirls, this has frankly been a terrifying week for women everywhere. Eliot Rodger’s recent massacre in Isla Vista, California, driven by his misogynistic views has left women all around the world shaken & angry. Things like this should not be happening. Women have internationally banded together on Twitter using the hastag  #YesAllWomen to share experiences and show why such a radical change in global mentality is necessary.  It’s been an intense response to how women are viewed and treated in this world, and deserves to be heard by everyone.

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