Light as a Feather – A Hulu Original Series

I read and adored Light as a Feather by Zoe Aarsen. I thought it was an incredibly fun take on a children’s game-turned-horror-story. It was a bit silly, in a dark way, and I really enjoyed it. And I bought it because I saw that it was a Hulu series.

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Light as a Feather by Zoe Aarsen

I’m not going to lie to you, Fangirls; I bought this book because it says that it’s a Hulu series in the cover, and I want to watch this horror unfold after reading it. Also, the name is that of a game that I never played, but am highly aware of (as many children of the 90’s are). 

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Sailor Moon

Fangirls, I have finally begun watching the magical girl anime, Sailor Moon! I’ve been told for ages by several people that I would really enjoy it, and now that we have hulu, I can watch it without having to pay the crazy prices for box sets (season 1 was about $75 when I checked). I’m glad that so many people have recommended it to me because its phenomenal and I love winding down while watching it.


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