A Sense8 Christmas

Fangirls, as you may or may not recall, I reviewed a show called Sense8. You can see the review here. Basically, even though it had some flaws, it’s also incredible for several reasons. It has amazing representation and it has a super stressful but super beautiful plot. It takes the knowledge somewhere out there people have the same birthday to the milisecond, and it expands it, connecting those people mentally and physically and emotionally. They are called clusters but more importantly most clusters become a family. The show follows the newest cluster as they discover this new world and run from danger. And this year, they gave us a two hour Christmas special.


There will be spoilers after the break.

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Pre Small Press Expo

Alright fangirls, it’s time. Tomorrow I leave for this year’s Small Press Expo (aka SPX), and I’m both terrified and incredibly excited. On one hand, it’s time for one of my favorite conventions ever, on the other, there are a lot of people to meet, and a lot of things to do. So where do I start?

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 7.46.02 PM

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