Sheet Masks from Riley Rose

A couple months ago I wrote about some lovely sheet masks from Riley Rose. I’ve since been back (several times), and am so dang in love with sheet masks! I have been trying to get through my collection before buying new ones, so I’ve been waiting on the perfect time to get into these two. Now’s the perfect time!

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Doctor Lip Band’s Lip Freak in Sin-o-Mint

Fangirls. I’m always down to try new lip-wear. I love my lipsticks and chapsticks more than anything, and I try desperately not to stick with just one brad. But lately I’ve been living on the safe side with my Baby brand chapsticks. So when I saw Lip Freak at Ulta the other day, I figured, why not? I gave it a whirl, and loved it far more than I expected to.


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Convention Suggestions

Hey Fangirls! This week is an opinion article week, and I’ve been heming an hawing over what to write about. My first thought was to talk about masculinity, as a brother article to my femininity article awhile back. But then I realized that it is as little my place to talk about masculinity as it is a man’s place to talk about femininity. So I nixed that. Next I considered the Selfie generation, but I found a better place for that on Saturday. I finally decided to write about conventions.


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