Appdicted: Adobe Creative Cloud

I graduated  couple months ago, and as I walked across the stage I told myself, “I’m never going to do design again.” I had told many of my professors that I was only finishing up because I had been in school for so long, and I was exhausted with it. What I really wanted to do was go to school for journalism. Now that I’ve been out of school for a handful of months, I’ve realized that I do enjoy design, and I miss having assignments.

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Batwoman #38

STK659730With only 3 issues left for me to review, things are starting to close here, Fangirls. Though, you really wouldn’t be able to tell from the comic itself. But I’ve gotten used to this series being misleading. Batwoman has a few issues left to wrap things up, and here they are practically beginning a whole new story. SighRead More »

Bunker #8 & #9

It’s been some time since we’ve checked in with the Bunker folks in crisis. This has been a fantastic and intense series and I was happy to jump back into it. I almost forgot how nerve wracking it is, all the questions that it pops into your head, and how worried you get about everything. These two issues sure brought that all rushing back. Read More »

The Fade Out #2

thefadeout_2I’m in love with this new Brubaker / Phillips series, Fangirls. Of course, not that I expected to feel any other way. However, I’ve already read the released issues twice through already, and wait for each new one like a junkie. What can I say? These fellows know how to make a mean comic book. All this noir murder mystery stuff gets me all hot & bothered.

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Vs. by Joe Infurnari and Alexis Stottile

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“The Reason New York City Never Sleeps? It’s Next Door Neighbors Are Monsters and Creeps!” That’s the full title of this book, Fangirls, and I had the pleasure of picking it up a few months ago at Small Press Expo from none other than Joe Infurnari himself. Being a huge fan of his series Bunker, I was a bit starstruck seeing him tabling there. However, I calmed a great deal after a delightful chat with him and a talk about this book. After hearing bits of its stories, I had to get it and read through the whole thing. Fantastic rhymes mixed with Infurnari’s brilliant illustration mixed with ridiculous stories about New York? I think my dreams just came true.

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