Let’s Talk About: Ejaculation

ejaculationWe’re not just talking grunting dudes and semen, Fangirls, we’re going to hit all the bases of ejaculation. Yep, there’s more than one. And we, as entire educated people, should know as much about all of them as we do about the average male ejaculation. A girl can dream.

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Let’s Talk About: Anilingus


I have noticed that recently, pop culture has really taken notice of the butt hole, Fangirls. Anilingus, also known as rimming, anal oral, eating ass, or tossing salad, has recently been mentioned in countless songs, viral videos, and common slang. With the topic’s rise in popularity, I figured that people must also be curious about it sexually. Fear not, I am here to inform those interested about all the rimming know-how your heart desires.Read More »

Let’s Talk About: First Time Myths

There is a lot of hubbub surrounding the first time you have sex. Rumors of what will happen, possible side effects, the agonizing pleasure. Most of it, though, is completely false. It’s best to go into your first time totally aware of what is going to happen. However, that seems damn near impossible to do when all you hear are countless exaggerated, untrue tales & facts about The First Time. Read More »

Let’s Talk About: S/M & Powerplay

Fangirls, though maybe it seems odd, I like to talk about topics that seem to scare people a bit. Topics surrounding sexuality that make people kind of nervous are one of the reasons I love having sexually educating articles & conversations. I don’t want people to feel uncomfortable about this stuff. I’ve found that S/M is something that gets people a little on edge. But it really doesn’t need to be so frightening of a thing. It’s just another type of sex act like anything else. It just gets very misunderstood. People view it as aggressive, something only people with a type of perversion or mental instability par take in. However, once more understood, more people realize they enjoy all sorts of power play involved in their sex.

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Fangirl Fuel #5!

Fangirls! It feels like a long time since we’ve had an update in the Fangirl world. This month, Marvel takes over a bit. While other comic publishers seem to be in a bit of a lull with announcements and new series, Marvel is on it. With the announcement of new titles, upcoming releases for July & August, and a big movie on the way, Marvel stole the show this month.

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Let’s Talk About: Virtual Sex

Virtual sex? Yes, virtual sex. It sounds like some futuristic, spacey, technology charged experience, right? Eh, not so much. Virtual sex is the term used to describe things like phone sex and sexting. Two or more people sending messages or speaking to each via some sort of communication device, to arouse one another. It’s something that seems to be growing in popularity, and that I find to be extremely interesting and, well, totally great.

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