Villain Chat: Litchfield Prison

I thought that with this past week bringing the return of Orange Is The New Black to our lives, it would be a lovely time to switch around Villain Chat a bit. Rather than focusing on a person or people, OITNB gives us a great opportunity to shine the bad guy light on a place: Litchfield Prison. Litchfield is the prison in which OITNB takes place, and it gives me many, many reasons for my head to burst into flames in anger & frustration. Though this place is fictional, I think it gives a healthy dose of reality when it comes to the prison system of the United States.

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The Walking Dead: “Inmates”

The-Walking-Dead-4x10-Inmates-Carlost-HQ-002This episode gave us a look into what some of the main players from the prison have gotten into since they escaped the prison. The way they did the mid season finale allowed the writers to reintroduce characters back to you, and have you get very excited to see their faces again! I think that’s brilliant.

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