Nerds Gotta Drink: Mabel Pines’ Spooky Brews

Fangirls, I just adore Gravity Falls. I think it’s one of the most rad shows out there, and I get so pumped that it’s a Disney show! A couple weeks ago I read Dipper & Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun, and one of the activities in it were two drinks, suggested by Mabel. Originally there was no alcohol in them, but I changed the recipes just a bit, so there could be some!


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OB Tampons

Fangirls, we’re going to get very personal today, because today we’re talking about tampons.  Awhile back, on twitter, Erika Moen worked with some other tweeps to use the #PeriodSex.  On it, users were supposed to talk about their experiences having sex while on their period, but I saw it as a place to learn about what people thought of period cups and the like.  Eventually, I was recommended OB Tampons.


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How To: Make Cold Brew Coffee

image6 (2)I’ll be honest, the coffee snob in me will most likely be disappointed at most of the latest coffee trends. However, I’m extremely happy that every one seems to be boarding the cold brew train. Cold brew is a delicious alternative to watery, tasteless ice coffee. It seems fancy, and something only your local barista could conjure up, but you can very easily brew this stuff right at home.

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How To: Brew Coffee in a Moka Pot

image (2)I adore coffee, Fangirls. One of the things I love most about it is the variety. There’s so many different beans, roasts, and when to brew it. One of my favorite brewing methods, by far, is the moka pot. It’s also called a stovetop espresso maker/machine or a percolator. Whatever you choose to call it, the coffee it makes is delicious, rich, and strong. However, getting to the point of delicious moka pot coffee in your home takes a few steps.

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