Coffin Hill Issue 3 & 4

Hello again, my witch loving Fangirls! Coffin Hill is filled with some pretty weird shit, and it seems like it’s just going to get weirder. Last time, Eve Coffin and her police chief friend Nate found a ton of skulls in Coffin Forrest, and from the looks of it, the crazy isn’t going to end there.


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Black Widow Issues 2 & 3

Hello again Fangirls! I’m more than excited to talk about these second and third issues of Black Widow. She’s sassy and sexy, and she admits her mistakes. That makes her stand out as a person, to me. Plus she’s one of three non-metas in the Avengers, and the other one has a super suit. But enough if them, let’s get to the issues.


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Kick Ass 3: Issue #3

Here we are again, Fangirls, with another lovely copy of Kick Ass. I’m finding this third & final installment of the Kick Ass saga to be just as pleasing as the first two. Exciting things are happening and I can’t wait for the continuation of the series. When we left off, things with the Genovese family were stirring up, and Justice Forever wasn’t as strong as they once were. In this issue, we also get to have a bit of focus on the forever badass Mindy McCready.

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Issue #3



Fangirls! Here we are again with another issue of the new comic from Image, Sex. Things are still pretty slow moving, as this is a new series with a lot of things to introduce. There’s scenes to set, backgrounds to reveal, characters to read into; It’s all taking it’s time, but that certainly doesn’t change that this comic is beautiful & fantastic, and of course, this third issue is no exception.

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