Lumberjanes Issues 15 and 16

Fangirls, it’s time again. We’re slowly getting caught up with the Lumberjanes comics, and the slow build up to the stuff that happened this issue (and the next issues to come), has me squeeing with excitement. I can’t handle how intense this book is getting, and honestly always has been.


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Feminerd: White Feminism

whiteI think it may be an unfortunate testament to my race that I only first heard this term a week ago. However, contrary to how it appears, white feminism isn’t about being white. I’m white, but I’m not going to get defensive, it doesn’t apply to me. I know where I stand. But we’ll address that point later. White feminism is all too familiar to all of us, even if we don’t realize it, and it makes it a lot more difficult for equality to be achieved at any level. Read More »

She Hulk #12

4388458-shehulk2014012_dc11-0Oh, Fangirls. The time has come. This issue of She Hulk, marks it’s very last. At least for this run. Of course, this isn’t the end of She Hulk as we know it. That would be truly tragic. However, it is the end of She Hulk has we know her here. It’s been an excellent 12 issue run, that I’m content with. But before we get to the whole series ending thing, we’ve got some conflicts to resolve.

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The Bunker #5 – #7

This series is a doozy, Fangirls. And I love it. However, I’ll be honest and say I’m a little confused by it. Okay, I’m a lot confused by it. There’s a lot of back and forth between future and present, and the present time but things that already happened, and the present selves and future selves. It’s a lot to handle. But, I suppose we can still discuss these past three issues and get up to speed.

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Cyclops #2 – #4

3996997-stk646742Fangirls! It’s been much too long since I’ve talked about one of Marvel Now’s newest series, Cylops. So let’s catch up with our old pal. Or rather, young pal. In this series, Scott Summers is just 16, after getting mixed up in some real slimey timey wimey stuff. At this point in the series, Scott is on a space road trip all around different galaxies with his extra handsome father, Corsair. Reading it is definitely an adventure, and these next few issues get right into the thick of the feelings.

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Let’s Talk About: Sex Criminals #8

sexcriminals_08This comic, Fangirls. This fucking comic. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how amazing it is, especially when every issue is even more enjoyable than the last. All the gaps in between each issue, though frustrating, are so worth the wait. They’ve got to take their time to make a series this damn good. Last issue, things were getting intense. There was a dildo battle, a whole lot of feelings, and I was left up in the air wondering what this issue would bring. A lot of it ended up being quite unexpected.

Spoilers are a plenty in this issue, Fangirls, beware!

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