Batgirl: Wanted (Issues 23, 24, & 26)

Hello you high flying Fangirls! Last time, Barbara was dealing with the Ventriloquist (a psychopath who uses a puppet to kill), and the fact that she killed her brother. That’s a lot to think about. Plus she doesn’t feel worthy of the Bat symbol anymore, so she hasn’t been wearing it, and is giving up the name. Ouch. So let’s dive in to what she’s dealing with now; her father’s obsession with her arrest.


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Batgirl Issues 20-22

Hey Fangirls! Last time we left off with Batgirl, she was dealing with some very difficult stuff; namely, her brother. He killed 2 Gotham police officers, had given Batgirl a concussion, and was ready to kill their mother. As a last ditch effort, she threw a batarang into his eye. He stumbled over a railing on the Gotham Bridge, and his body was not recovered. Assumed dead (and having seen it all) Commissioner Gordon called out for Batgirl’s arrest.


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