Jem and the Holograms Recapathon Issues 2 & 3

Hello and welcome to the JatH Recapathon! Today I’m covering issues 2 and 3 in all their Technicolor glory. I really have to give a lot of credit to writer Kelly Thompson and artist Sophie Campbell for doing such a great job with Jem. As a big fan of the cartoon, I had my worries that it wouldn’t be done right, it would keep the barest trappings of the show and lose the stuff that made it fun and so appealing to me as a kid. They managed to capture the spirit of Jem in their story and fantastic art and update it in a way that both old and new audiences can appreciate. I’m sure there are some people out there who are huge fans of the original and going “NO NO NO! All wrong!”  That’s fine, that’s their opinion and they’re entitled to think and feel about it however they want. For me personally, though, I am super ecstatic with the way this comic is turning out so far!

So here we go!  Issue 2!

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Jem from IDW

The other day I went to Earthworld Comics to pick up the stuff from my subscription box.  I was browsing around when I remembered Jem came out.  I was really excited until I found where I thought Jem should be, and she wasn’t.  So I went back to doing my thaaang, and eventually I had to grab my comics and get out.  So I went through the sub-box, to see what I had gotten (I don’t go there weekly, so I always end up with a lot), and one of the workers had pulled Jem for me.  I was crazy pumped, and could barely wait to get home to read it.


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