Starkid Homecoming

Holy cow! Last week I traveled to Los Angeles for the incredible Starkid Homecoming (aka 10iversary)! It was a super last minute decision, but two months ago my best friend asked if I’d be able to get myself to California for the show. My answer was no, but I’ll figure it out.

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Hey Fangirls!

We’ve got some really exciting stuff coming up in these next couple of months. So we want you to know what you’re in for.

We launched an Indiegogo campaign today! Here. Indiegogo is a super cool site that helps fund life. We’re looking to make money so our Fangirls don’t have to pay for their exciting trips entirely out of pocket. That should help us visit each other (in case you didn’t know, we’re scattered across the US) along with going to NYCC and other events.

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