Let’s Talk About: Sex Criminals #10

SEXCRIMINALS_10The void in my soul is full once again for a short time upon this new issue’s arrival. Luckily, the weren’t gone as long this time, and have returned with some happenings that are really heating up. Things are getting intense here in the land of Jon & Suzie, because now it isn’t just Jon & Suzie.

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Let’s Talk About: Sex Criminals #9


Fangirls, I will never, ever, wrap my brain around how great this series is. I have my other great loves, but this is surely the best comic out there right now. There’s no other book that I get as excited for when I see it getting pulled out of my subscription box. I nearly pee myself. It grabs me in like no other series, and this issue surely has me in a loving headlock.

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Let’s Talk About: Sex Criminals #8

sexcriminals_08This comic, Fangirls. This fucking comic. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how amazing it is, especially when every issue is even more enjoyable than the last. All the gaps in between each issue, though frustrating, are so worth the wait. They’ve got to take their time to make a series this damn good. Last issue, things were getting intense. There was a dildo battle, a whole lot of feelings, and I was left up in the air wondering what this issue would bring. A lot of it ended up being quite unexpected.

Spoilers are a plenty in this issue, Fangirls, beware!

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Let’s Talk About: Sex Criminals #7

photo 4 (3)

Its back, Fangirls! I know that I am one of many who struggles to patiently awaits this comics return, whether it be monthly or if there’s a whole painful gap in between. Either way, when it returns, it’s like sweet release. Much like our main characters experience, or at least used to. Things recently have changed a bit for our Jon & Suzie, and by the end of this issue, certainly get a lot messier.


Spoilers ahead!

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