Nerds Gotta Drink: Mabel Pines’ Spooky Brews

Fangirls, I just adore Gravity Falls. I think it’s one of the most rad shows out there, and I get so pumped that it’s a Disney show! A couple weeks ago I read Dipper & Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun, and one of the activities in it were two drinks, suggested by Mabel. Originally there was no alcohol in them, but I changed the recipes just a bit, so there could be some!


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Nerds Gotta Eat: Fad Diets

Fangirls, I was going to make a Steven Universe snack for today, but I had a really bad self esteem day yesterday, and spent a lot of time drinking a Bolthouse drink instead of eating. And when it came time to eat, I ended up eating crap food. The Bolthouse drink got me thinking about fad diets, though, and a conversation my mother and I had a week or so ago.


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