Playlist: Summer 2015

summer2015It has been nearly a year since I shared one of my current favorites playlists, Fangirls. It’s about time that changed. This summer has brought me buckets of fantastic tunes that have been playing nonstop in my car & around the house. So, I’ve reflected upon the last few months of music and what I’ve been enjoying the most, and put together a dozen of the highlights. Read More »

Music Review #17: Julia Nunes (With an Interview!)


Fangirls, this week I’m talking about a musician very close to my heart. When I was 14, I discovered an artist whose music made my little heart beat so fast, it can only be described as one’s first true fangirling experience. I had found Julia Nunes & her music, and I didn’t even realize it had been missing from my life. Boy, was I wrong.

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