Hex Vet: Witches in Training by Sam Davies

I grabbed this graphic novel while buying too many books in Barnes & Nobel the other day, and I’m quite glad that I did. Hex Vet is Davies’ first graphic novel, and they did a phenomenal job at it!

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Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems Volume 1

I haven’t been reading a ton of comics, as of late. I’ve made it through almost the entirety of Rob’s and my collections (at least the parts that interest me) and we hadn’t been to a comic shop in ages. Until this past weekend, when we finally had some time to go grab some trades for me. I was hoping to get a pretty good smattering of types of comics, especially the next trade in the Steven Universe comic I had been reading. Instead, I found that there is a different SU comic that seems to have a more focused storyline than the previous one, and that got me so excited.

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Over the Garden Wall by Pat McHale & Jim Campbell

Okay Fangirls. Awhile back I watched Over the Garden Wall from Cartoon Network, and loved it. Over the Garden Wall is a short series about a boy and his brother lost in the woods; they went over a literal garden wall, and found themselves in an extremely bizarre land. It’s quite a bit more dark than what I usually look for in a TV show, but it was beautifully done, and the ending was surprising. When I was in New York, my mum insisted that we visit my old comic shop to say hi. While browsing, the trade of Over the Garden Wall caught my eye, and I had to pick it up. I’m incredibly glad that I did, because it’s beautiful and funny, just like the show.


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Capture Creatures by Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt

Alright, this is easily the cutest comic on the damn planet and to be honest I’m going to implode if they don’t start making that final “to be continued” come true. Capture Creatures is a comic that is a love letter to Pokémon, and that made me more excited to read it. I searched in a couple comic shops, but had no luck, so I ended up using Comixology to buy it digitally. It just means I get to bring it everywhere with me!


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Bee and Puppycat Volume One

First of all, let me say that Boom is absolutely killing it with their titles. They’ve got Lumberjanes, which is beyond incredible, along with Power Up (issue 2 came out last week!), Giant Days (just expanded from 6 issues to 12). They’ve also got their Kaboom comics; all ages comics in a separate section that everyone can read! A couple of weeks ago I lost my mind over how great Steven Universe Volume One is, now it’s time to freak about Bee and Puppycat.


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