Let’s Talk About: Ted Talks Get Sexy

One of my favorite things to do when I’m not talking about sex, is listen to other people talk about sex. I geek out over what any one has to say, even if I might not necessarily agree or if it’s not entirely correct. Though some of the best sex conversation comes from your everyday friends, acquaintances, or whomever, some of the most fascinating stuff of course comes from people who study this stuff inside and out, and come up with their own unique way of giving that information to the world.

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Movie: Maleficent


Sigh. I had such high hopes for this movie, Fangirls, and I really should have known better. When I go into movies that are remakes or sequels, I always try to tell myself that this isn’t that movie. I told myself that Maleficent was not going to be Sleeping Beauty. But, I wasn’t expecting that they would change around the entire story as we know it. When it comes to a story I really love, I have no option but to be critical. Frankly, this movie was a huge disappointment.

Major spoilers ahead! 

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I’m Appdicted: Kingdom

So when I search for a new app, I look for free ones.  I am cheap as shit, and I don’t like to pay for games.  I want to get free games for my xbox too, but that never happens.  So I always want free apps.  So I saw a game called Kingdom in the free app section on iTunes, I was pumped.  It looked right up my alley.  There were trolls and goblins and you’re the good guy trying to fight them off.

photo (6)

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