Lumberjanes Issue 24

Fangirls, it’s that time where we get to talk about the cutest comic I read; Lumberjanes! Last time, when we left off, Seafarin’ Karen’s boat was destroyed, with the selkies, Karen, and half of Roanoke Cabjn stranded in the water. Luckily, Lumberjanes are there for each other.


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Lumberjanes Issue 23

With a terrible storm coming through, and our favorite cabin full of Lumberjanes scattered, what is happening in this issue? Fangirls, it’s getting wild in the Lumberjane universe, and there’s so much happening I can’t handle it.


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Lumberjanes Issue 19

I’m back in action with the Lumberjanes, Fangirls. I know it’s a bit selfish, but I really missed reviewing this because it gave me the chance to really get my Fangirl on. Lumberjanes is easily my favorite comic that I read, because it’s fun, promotes friendship between women, and includes quite a bit of supernatural “wow” that gets me excited. I love catching up on it.


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Lumberjanes Issue 17 and 18 recap!

LJ cover 17

Get your s’mores fixin’s ready, it’s time for another Lumberjanes recap! Issue 17 opens up with a flashback. Young Rosie made an incredibly cute camper back in sepia toned days of yore! She and her friend Abigail, whom she called Abby, have sneaked out late to explore the many strange wonders of the woods. Turns out the LJ camp was just as strange and unusual back when Rosie was a kid, as it is for this newest generation of campers!

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