Quicksand Jack Issue 2: Smokin’ Gun

Hey again Starkids! About a week and a half ago was Valentine’s Day. It’s a great day to spend with your loved ones and blah blah blah. You know the actual important part about this past Valentine’s Day? The second issue of Quicksand Jack came out! Warning: this contains spoilers about Quicksand Jack issue 2. If you don’t want to read them, leave now.


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Quicksand Jack Review

Hey Fangirls and Starkid fanatics!  As you may know, Nick and Matt Lang’s first issue of their graphic novel came out recently, so let’s talk about it!


So Nick Lang has said that he’s been working on this idea for the past 13 years.  Since his high school career, when he came up with the first sketch.  Since then, he and his brother Matt have been trying to find a good (and possible) media.  They considered an animated show, a movie, book, and even a musical.  But I think graphic novel was perfect, and I’m really happy that they chose that.

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