The Merciless I by Danielle Vega

Fangirls, I bought this book on one of my many book binges. I picked it up because it looked like my aesthetic; pink but witchy. The third book is actually what caught my eye, it has a holographic cover! But I figured I would start with just the first book. 

Before you hit that read more tab, you need to know that there is strong language after it, and this book has a mature readers warning for a reason. Let’s get into it. 

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Feminerd: Bitch

The other day I had a conversation with my mother about the way women are perceived.  We talked a lot about things like wage gap and different treatment for different genders, and a lot of important things.  One of the things we had more of a debate on, was the word bitch.


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Let’s Talk About: Sexual Communicaton

Earlier this week, Fangirls, I realized that I often talk about and stress the importance of communication with sex & sexuality. However, I’ve never really gone much into the details of that. It certainly deserves its own article and then some. Expressing your desires & thoughts about sex is important stuff, dudes. If you don’t, it’d be a bit silly to expect super awesome amazing sex from someone. It’s a great thing to be vocal in bed, in many more ways than one.

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Movie: Kiss Me (Kyss Mig)


It’s no lie, Fangirls. I love cheesy dumb movies. Honestly, I love to judge & poke fun at them and their predictability, but in the end I really do fall for a crappy love story. But why do all these love stories involving same sex couples always have to be so forbidden? I’m not sure if movie producers understand how same sex relationships work, it’s not all hidden lust & forced to be temporary. I hope for the day that a gay couple is shown without all the emphasis being on the gay part. That all being said, I can’t deny the fact that I enjoyed this movie a lot.

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Appdicted: DuoLingo


Fangirls! I don’t ever seem to find any apps that are actually helpful. I’ve tried time and again searching through the “Productivity” category in the app store and I never have any luck. Last week, I discovered this app after someone I follow on Twitter posted a screen shot from it. I was curious, so I downloaded it, seeing that it was free. And oh man, Fangirls. If you ever wanted to learn a language in a fun, easy, not overwhelming, on your own time, but effective way; Welcome to DuoLingo.

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